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The genesis of the Galano Club was in 1973 when the founders of the 94 groups (code for gay AA group) discovered it would not be easy to find meeting space for gay/lesbian AA groups.  As the 94 AA groups formed and expanded with additional difficulty in securing space, the idea to have a place of their own also grew.  There was an obvious need for gay/lesbian people to have a safe place where they could expand their social needs in an alcohol and drug free environment. Ten years after the first 94 group was formed, a "Steering Committee" started the process to form what is now The Galano Club.  The committee became the first Board of Directors.  For several years they met once a week at Summerfield Methodist Church and held events to raise money for a clubhouse of their own.  In a short time we had enough funds to move into our first location and the club enjoyed space on the east side for 12 years.

Late in 2014 the Galano Club moved into its current location and has a growing, active membership.  As times have changed we are not just an exclusively LGBT club, we welcome all in recovery to share in the various 12 step meetings at the club. Many people come through our doors each week for meetings or to just socialize with other recovering people. The Galano Club hosts a variety of social activities appealing to all kinds of interests, including movies, potlucks and social outings.  Operating on a purely volunteer basis, the Galano Club has a volunteer Board of Directors, consisting of seven members, elected by the membership.  The Board elects the officers of the club. No one is paid. It is that spirit of everyone doing his or her part in service that is what makes the club work.

Do I need to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered to attend a meeting?
No. While The Galano Club has a specific LGBTQ-oriented outreach mission, we welcome all those in recovery. We celebrate the diversity found at our club as an invaluable asset in the fellowship of our recovery community.

Do you need to be a member of the Galano Club to attend meetings here?
No. Becoming a member of the Galano Club is simply a service opportunity. Part of 12-step recovery is to make sure the message of hope is passed along to those who still suffer from active addiction. Keeping the doors open through membership dues is an effective way to help those still living with active addiction.

Does the Galano Club receive any city, state or federal funding?
No. The Galano Club relies solely on the support of the meetings we host, dues-paying members, beverage sales and donations of other members of community. Our autonomy keeps us a welcoming place for everyone in recovery.

We urge you to join us.  If you can, please volunteer.

Volunteer Board Members: Deb S., President, Bill Y. Vice-President, Laura S., Secretary,  Steve R., Guy R., and Drew F.

Thank You for supporting the club!