How All This Works Each person's struggle with drugs and alcohol is unique. However, there are certain core steps that serve as the underpinning for recovery that many of us have found effective. If you're interested in learning more, there are plenty of resources you can take advantage of. If and when you're ready, you can attend your first meeting where those who have worked these steps can tell you their stories and answer your questions.

       Join us for BOOK Club - Pages of Healing -  Tues 6:00 pm

​                      Open to all wanting to improve themselves 

​Click on a book or icon for meeting information in Southeastern Wisconsin


Meetings                                           Club opens a half hour before a meeting starts


10:30 am - AA - Step/Topic Meeting  

10:30 am - Al-Anon - Papillion Group 
 6:00 pm - SCA - Meeting


7:30 pm - AA - "Came to Believe" 12 Spirituality  


6:00 pm - AA - Over and Under 40 Group 

6:00 pm- Recovery Book Study - Pages of Healing (The Power of Now, Jan.2017)
7:00 pm - SCA - Blue Group

7:00 pm - AA - 12 Steps and 12 Traditions
Thursday7:30 pm - AA - Living Sober One Day at a Time
7:00 pm - AA - Topic "As Bill Sees It"
Saturday 7:30 pm - AA - Big Book and More