Join us for BOOK Club - Pages of Healing -  Tues 6:00 pm

​                      Open to all wanting to improve themselves 

​​​“The Galano Recovery Club has become part of my family in Milwaukee. Some of the group members know more about me than my own family. It is a place where I can go and share my struggles and successes and I can receive open ears and caring advice without being judged. Ultimately it is a place where I can come and feel the love and support I need for my recovery, and will be dearly missed when I cannot come.” - Jack (25 yrs old)

"After moving to the Milwaukee area, the Galano Recovery Club served as a safe place for me to make new friends and get immediate support in a town where I did not know anybody.  Moving can be a very stressful life event and it’s been a relief knowing that I have an instant home away from home.  The club is essential to my comfort and well-being as I adjust to a new lifestyle and environment.” - Drew (34 years old)  

"The Galano Recovery Club gave me a safe place to share about my life uncensored.  The environment is warm and welcoming, and I felt accepted immediately.  I found my sponsor and my home group at the club, and am working the steps today as I approach a year of clean time.  I have nothing but gratitude for the Galano Club, as I believe it helped save my life.  It needs to continue to exist so that people like me have a place to recover." - Tim P.

"I am extremely satisfied with the Galano Recovery Club.  I've come a long way since coming here.  A lot had to do with my sponsor who I met at the club and have made tremendous progress with.  People are friendly and down to earth.  I volunteer every Sunday to give back what I have gotten.  I enjoy my life and respect myself more since joining the club." - Dan C.